2 Guys Christmas

Spread The Cheer, Christmas Is Here!!

HO HO HO…..Merry Christmas!
Have you been a good boy or bad?
What’s that?…..maybe just a tad?!
Naughty, not nice, not helping mum or dad?
..Hang your stocking and hope Santa’s not mad!

Jolly Beginnings

Happy Birthday Jesus! It’s unlikely that the birth of Jesus took place on the 25th of December but in ancient times, once the Church took over pagen festivals and ‘Christianised’ them the date was set in 354AD. In England Christmas was originally called Yule (mid-winter), the word Christmas (Christ mass) was not used until 11th Century. It was in the 19th Century everything we love about Christmas came to life; Christmas trees, crackers, decorations and of course …Santa Claus. As to why we are so in love with a strange fat man in a red suit who breaks into our house through the chimney, eats our cookies and drinks our milk is a mystery – oh yeah….it might have something to do with the present filled stockings he leaves behind!

Tinsel Trivia

Q. If you received all of the gifts in the song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas” how many gifts would you receive?
A. 364

Q. What do the songs ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Winter Wonderland’ and ‘Sleighride’ have in common?
A. None of these songs mention Christmas.

Q. In which body of water is Christmas Island located?
A. Formally called Kiritimati, Christmas Island is in the Indian Ocean

Q. Which of Santa’s reindeers name starts with B?
A. Blitzen

Q. In which Australian city is the traditional Boxing Day test held?
A. Melbourne

Q. Which Saint became known as Santa Claus?
A. St Nicholas.

Q. What is traditionally hidden in a Christmas pudding?
A. A coin.

Mrs. Claus’ Festive Activities

To help keep the Christmas cheer lively even after a Christmas lunch full of all the trimmings try out these merry activities!

Mystery Stocking Game

Place 10 festive items in a Christmas stocking (e.g. shortbread, Christmas cake, baubles etc). Everyone takes a turn at feeling the items from the outside of the stocking and makes note of their guesses. The person with the most correct items wins the stocking full of Christmas goodies!

Project Snowman

Divide everyone into teams and provide each team with rolls of toilet paper, piles of hats, scarves  and buttons/carrots etc made out of coloured construction paper. Each team must transform one of its members into a snowman. Prizes can be awarded for the grooviest snowman.

Make Santa Smile

Everyone knows Santa gets hungry on his long night of present deliveries Why not show him your appreciation by baking him some delicious gingerbread to leave by the fireplace with his glass of milk (or beer).

Deck the Halls

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