Australia Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas – regardless of the event, we want to excite, motivate and educate students through our decorations and activities.

At Decorations Direct, we understand the education industry and how stressful coordinating party supplies can be, especially after factoring in school financial budgets and the extremely limited time that coordinators and teachers have. Our decorations are affordable, educational and will shed new light on cultures and celebrations that students may not have been exposed to previously.

Decorations Direct caters to student cohorts of various sizes and ages with engaging and safe activities – we want to encourage participation and enthusiasm on every special occasion. Along with a deep respect for Australia’s increasingly multicultural background, we aim to create a positive and motivational environment for your staff and students.

Every Decoration Kit includes:

  • Posters and streamers
  • Cut-outs and garlands
  • Foils and stringers
  • Table runners and banners
  • Bunting and decals
  • Activities resource folder

Each event has its own activity information sheet for inclusion in your Decorations Direct Resource Folder, and will arrive with each kit two weeks prior to the event. This gives you and your staff enough time to organise, learn and set up the activities.

The Decorations Direct team has put great effort into designing new and relevant activities each year to complement your program.

Read about our experience in the Education sector here, or contact us if you have any questions.

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