Say G’day to Australia Day!


The 26th of January celebrates Australia’s National Day and commemorates the
first fleet arriving in Sydney in 1788. The fleet was commanded by Captain Arthur Phillip
and back then Australia Day was known as Anniversary Day. In 1994 Australia Day became an annual
public holiday. Right around the country and around the world you can find Aussies celebrating with
Barbeques, Picnics, Music, Back Yard Cricket and fireworks displays.


Barbie Q’s Trivia

Q: Where was Ned Kelly’s last stand?
A: Glenrowan

Q: What is South Australia’s largest island?
A: Kangaroo Island

Q: In what year was decimal currency introduced?Aussie Barbeque
A: 1966

Q: Prior to the year 2000, which of our Australian male swimmers had won the most Olympic gold medals?

A: Murray Rose

Q: What are you doing if you slip, slop, slap?

A: Putting on a shirt, sunscreen & a hat.

Q: Aussies were recently dubbed un-Austra-
lian by Sam Kekovitch if they didn’t eat
which type of meat?
A: Lamb

Q: What is ‘the race that stops a nation’
otherwise known as?
A: The Melbourne Cup.

Q: Who do Aussies love to have a beer with
according to Slim Dusty?

A: Duncan… ‘cause Duncan’s me mate


Dress the part – Think Aussie colours, sporting apparel,Aussie celebs, sporting hero’s, and full on bogan.

Thong TossThe Thong Toss

Bring your thong along..
A great game to get the show on the road
with a few laughs is the thong tossing game.
What you need is two or more players per
round with 3 thongs per person. Set an esky
at a reasonable distance from the participants
and mark it with 50 points then set another
esky further back marked 100 points. Points
are given to the closest to the esky’s and the
longest throw.

Aussie or Not?

Hugh JackmanPrint off some pictures of all things
Aussie.. Native Animals, Plants, Foods, Celebs and
Landmarks. Then mix them in with similar
pictures from around the world. Check how
good your participants’ Aussie knowledge is
by having them try to guess if each picture is
“Aussie or not”. You can include the answers
and also some interesting facts about each
picture on the backs of the cards.