Valentines Day LG Full Kit
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Valentines Day (February 14)

$ 197.00

Each year on February 14 in the early 1500's, guests would attend a feast and draw the name of their love out of a bowl pinning this name on their sleeve, thus creating the phrase “to wear your heart on your sleeve”. The Roman Emperor, Claudius II, believed single men made better soldiers and put his foot down on this match making.

Bishop Valentine saved the day conducting secret wedding ceremonies and later lost his head for his sins but not before he penned a love letter signing off to all… “From your Valentine.” In 1537 the hopeless romantic King Henry VIII declared February 14th St Valentines day.


1 x 19″ Art-Tissue Ball
2 x 12″ Art-Tissue Hearts
4 x 12″ Foil Hearts
1 x 8″ FP Valentine Banner
2 x 14″ Art-Tissue Balls
12 x 4″ Foil Hearts
3 x 15″ Glittered Foil Hearts
8 x 16″ Valentine Cutouts
4 x 12″ Arcade Garlands
2 x Valentine Danglers


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