US Independance Day LG Full Kit
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U.S. Independence Day (July 12)

$ 197.00

American Independence Day or The Fourth of July is a day to commemorate the 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence.

This historical event saw the United States break ties with Great Britain and was the birth of democracy in America. The Fourth of July is a significant event for many Americans and is celebrated with parades, BBQs, concerts, baseball games, family gatherings and fireworks displays.


3 x 10″ Art-Tissue Bells
2 x 14″ Art-Tissue Balls
3 x 18″ Flag Cutouts
1 x 20″ Art-Tissue Bell
2 x 25″ Art Tissue Fans
2 x 25″ Flag Cutouts
4 x 12″ Arcade Garlands
4- 16″ American Pride Cutouts
1- 15″ x 4″6″ Glittered USA Streamer


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