St Patricks Day LG Full Kit
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St. Patricks Day (March 17)

$ 197.00

St Patrick’s Day, is an Irish cultural and religious holiday celebrated all around the world. Although not born in Ireland but somewhere in Roman Britain, Saint Patrick is Ireland’s most commonly recognised patron saint and is celebrated as the one who introduced Christianity into the country.

Traditionally a religious holiday, St Patricks day has become a celebration of all things Irish including Irish music, the shamrock, drinking Guinness, Stout or Whisky and all things green!


1 x 19″ Art-Tissue Ball
2 x 25″ Art-Tissue Fans
4 x 12″ Foil Shamrocks
1 x 33″ Jointed Leprechaun
1 x 10″ FP St. Patrick”s Day Banner
2 x 14″ Art-Tissue Balls
12 x 5″ Foil Shamrocks
8 x 16″ Leprechaun Cutouts
2 x 16″ Glittered Foil Shamrocks
4 x 12″ Arcade Garlands


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