Oktoberfest LG Full Kit
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Oktoberfest (September/October)

$ 197.00

Oktoberfest is an annual 16-day festival held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany from September to the first weekend in October.

Primarily based around Beer and food, it’s one of the most famous events in Germany. Our Oktoberfest Kit includes a host of items such as tissue balls, fans, Oktoberfest cutouts, musical instruments, banners, even an Oktoberfest Fraulein!

2 x 14″ Art-Tissue Balls
2 x 25″ Art-Tissue Fans
4 x 16″ Oktoberfest Cutouts
15 x 17″ x 23 ½” Musical Instruments
1 x 7½” FP Oktoberfest Banner
1- 38″ Jointed Mr. Oktoberfritz
4 x 12″ Arcade Garlands
6 x German Flag Cutouts
1- 3″2″ Jointed Oktoberfest Fraulein


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