Mother’s Day

$ 197.00

Mother’s Day is a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds. The day also showcases the significance of mothers in our society. The day is celebrated on various days in many countries. Mostly it is celebrated in March or May. The event was instigated in the early 20th century. People celebrate Mother’ Day by giving gifts to their mothers. People usually try to make their mothers feel special on this day by some gift or by any activity which may please their mothers.


1 x 19″ Art-Tissue Ball
2 x 14″ Art-Tissue Balls
4 x 24″ Tissue Butterfly Decorations
4 x 12' Arcade Garlands
12 x 16″ Flower Cutouts
6 x 25″ Art-Tissue Fans
1 x 9 1/2' FP Mother's Day Banner


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