What motivates you?

blog-image-banner_2Motivation is the difference between waking up before the dreaded beep of your alarm and lazing around the house in pyjamas all day long. It controls our desire to achieve our dreams and goals. In saying this, it’s one of the foremost topics in getting students to participate effectively in school. Some children run through those front gates but others aren’t so eager!

For years, teachers have been faced with the difficulties of motivating children to be enthusiastic about learning, and attending school. Their physical environment and their classmates are big factors in their motivation. While their greatest joy at school might be playing with their friends and running around the yard at lunchtime, their teacher must be enthusiastic in their work and discover new ways for them to want to learn.

Teachers need to make it fun, make it relevant and make it real! Activities need to be hands on and creative so they can make something from their own imagination. Their work needs to be explained so they understand the meaning behind the activity and it is relevant to their learning. It also needs to be real, referring to something going on in the world so they feel a sense of significance in what their doing.

Decorating the classroom for each holiday creates a stimulating physical environment for the children and teachers, a sense of excitement to be involved in something and an educational experience in different cultures. Chinese New Year, St Patricks Day, Easter, Mexican Day, Bastille Day and Italian Day, just to name a few!  Celebrating these cultural holidays makes learning fun, relevant and educational all at the same time.

Walking into a classroom with vibrant colours, drawings and displays creates excitement and inspiration. Allowing the children to make decisions on decorating and displaying items and their own work around the classroom gives them a sense of accomplishment and a sense of belonging in a classroom and school that has a little of their touch. Activities around the various cultural holidays also raise awareness of different cultural groups, encourage the children to ask their friends questions and learn from them, and provide them with a more rounded education overall.