2 Guys Halloween

Get ready to scream it’s Halloween..

Lock your doors and turn out the light,

Or Ghosts and Goblins will give you a fright,

It’s Halloween and the Ghouls are around,

So hide under your covers and don’t make a sound!



Halloween is celebrated all over the world on October 31. The word Halloween is a shortening of All Hallows Evening also known as Hallowe’en or All Hallows’ Eve. Some scholars say Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain (pronounced “sah-win”) which is a celebration for the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture. Halloween is now celebrated all over the world with Costumes, Jack ‘o’ Lanterns, Bobbing for apples, bonfires, trick or treating and much more.

Tombstone Trivia:

Q: According to Halloween superstition, what should you do if you want to see a witch?
A: put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards.

Q: The ancient Celts used which vegetable for their Jack-o-lanterns?
A: Turnips

Q: Which country celebrates day of the dead starting at midnight on October 31st?

A: Mexico

Q: According to superstitions, on Halloween night owls will swoop down and feast on the souls of the dying. How would you protect yourself from hungry owls?
A: Turn your pockets inside out and leave them hanging out.

Q: What colour cat is bad luck if it crosses your path?
A: A Black cat

Q: Why did the ancient Celts begin to wear costumes and masks?
A: To trick evil spirits



Here are a few great party games and activities to help you create a devilishly delightful day for Halloween.

A Frightful Fancy Dress Parade
Admire and comment on the great costumes and masks that have been created and worn by holding a parade followed by judging and prizes for the most interesting and impressive costumes.

The Terrifying Touch Box
Gross out participants with this very funny touch and squeal Halloween party game. Fill individual boxes or one large box with items like bowls spaghetti, peeled grapes, mashed potato etc, and see if your guests can use their hands to guess what the items are. Decorate the boxes for extra effect. *Prizes can also be given for the closest answers.

A Monster Movie Marathon
Choose two or three scary movies form past and present to watch together. Alternately you can also have these movies playing silently in the background when you are hosting your party.

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