Work doesn’t JUST have to be about business

blog-image-banner_1When you think of socialising at work, many people think of slackers chatting at the printer station or discussing office gossip over a coffee break. However socialising in businesses today has become a positive aspect to all businesses and colleagues. Studies have found that 63% of employees found that productivity improves if their friends with their colleagues outside of work and 57% of managers agreed. People are now mingling in new ways – at after work drinks, social events or public holidays. The importance of colleagues socialising at work has become extremely important as it provides an environment where a community of practice is built.

It allows for knowledge-sharing during social activities where colleagues share their ideas on work practices over a drink or different perspectives and methods to certain activities. This sharing also encourages sense of teamwork where colleagues can share their challenges and achievements, encouraging problem-solving and creating motivation among colleagues. It also encourage co-operation among colleagues and departments – for example, an alliance between the production team and the accounting team of a business could find a way to cut costs in production. This can only mean good things for your business, and in turn, for your customers.

Organising social events for the year at businesses can be challenging. Trying to get people involved in something they will all willingly participate in isn’t easy! Being a multicultural country with increasingly diverse workplaces there is no doubt there is at least one public holiday a year that each person in Australia would celebrate, and it is important to ensure that everyone feels involved. There is Australia day, Chinese New Year, St Patricks Day, Easter, Christmas and New Year just to name a few.  Regardless of how people spend their holidays they always seem to bring people together. Celebrating the public holidays of the year can provide a platform where people can communicate with their managers and colleagues in more informal environment and create a more tight-knit team.

Decorating your office in the holiday cheer will create excitement for the public holiday and generally puts people in a better mood. It creates a positive environment and an opportunity for people to get involved and socialise with colleagues celebrating holidays they may not usually celebrate, even if it’s just to ask them what the holiday is about and how it is celebrated. Most businesses celebrate Christmas, Easter and New Year’s but there are many other holidays such as Australia Day, St Patricks Day, Chinese New Year and Bastille Day, which will allow different people to be involved and socialise with people they wouldn’t usually speak to at work.

Employees generally appreciate it when the company takes an interest in the holidays they celebrate as well. The next major holiday coming up is Easter, so get the bunnies and Easter eggs out!