Do you have an event coming up? Is the office looking a little sparse or cold? Decorations Direct is here to bring the party atmosphere to you. Our vibrant decoration supplies are simple to set up and remove, making it easy to get your team in the spirit while anticipating the lead-up to each special occasion.

Morale, productivity and job satisfaction are just a few buzzwords that often get employees and managers ticking. Decorations Direct is proud to offer some exciting occasion-related activity ideas for you and your team to get involved in, boosting motivation levels and productivity in the workplace. Engage with your staff members and get them enthused through a momentary removal from the usual office setting – it will do wonders for your team’s productivity and team building.

All our Decoration Kits include:

  • Posters and streamers
  • Cut-outs and garlands
  • Foils and stringers
  • Table runners and banners
  • Bunting and decals
  • Activities resource folder

Each event has its own activity information sheet for inclusion in your Decorations Direct Resource Folder, and will arrive with each kit two weeks prior to the event. This gives you and your staff enough time to organise, learn and set up the activities.

We’ve put great effort into designing new and relevant activities each year to complement your program.

Read about our corporate experience here, or contact us if you have any questions.

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