St Valentines Day

Chocolates, Gifts and a bottle of Wine all in the name of St Valentine!


In Roman times the feast of Lupercalia which was in honour of Juno, the queen of the Roman Gods & Goddesses occurred on February 14th. During the feast people would draw the name of their love out of a bowl. They would then pin this name on their sleeve (there began the saying “to wear your heart on your sleeve”).

The Roman Emperor, Claudius II, the prosaic party-pooper, however did not like this and put his foot down on the match making calling a halt to all marriages. He believed single men made better soldiers. Fear not all you romantics! Bishop Valentine saved the day conducting secret wedding ceremonies for couples in love.

Unfortunately for the Bishop his secret was discovered and he lost his head for his sins,  but not before he penned a final love letter signing off…’From your Valentine.’ The hopeless romantic King Henry VIII declared February 14th St Valentines day in 1537.


Q: What professionals receive the most
Valentines Day cards?
A: Teachers

Q: Of the people who buy flowers each
year for Valentines Day what percent
are men?
A: 72% are men ..only 28% are female.

Q: Who is Cupid’s father?
A: Venus – the Roman God of love and

Q: Who is Mickey Mouse’s Valentine?
A: Minnie

Q: What fruit is also known as the ‘love
A: Tomato

Q: Over 1000 letters every year are sent
to the city of Verona on Valentines
Day addressed to whom?
A: Juliet Capulet

Q: What year did Hallmark produce the
first Valentines Day card?
A: 1913

Stack the Hearts

You will need a supply of the old fashioned
conversation candy hearts. Everyone builds the
tallest candy heart tower they can. The tallest tower
wins! The winner keeps all the candy!

For the Love of Sugar

Using a heart shaped cookie cutter make your
Valentine a sweet treat! Chocolate chip hearts,
raspberry jam hearts or cinnamon sugar hearts
Wherever your Valentines taste buds lie. Just
don’t forget to share them with your Valentine!

Pin the Heart on Cupid

Place a large picture of cupid on the wall.
Each person then takes turns being blind folded,
spun around 4 times and then tries to pin cupids
heart back in place. The person who gets the heart
closest to its correct position wins! For a added
entertainment, create other objects to pin on cupid,
or maybe pin your heart to a famous heartthrob.
Alternatively shoot arrows using a childrens Bow
and Arrow set. (stick on suction tips preferable)
This is a lot of fun for all ages and will have
everyone wanting to better their aim!