Say G’day to Australia Day!

History The 26th of January celebrates Australia’s National Day and commemorates the first fleet arriving in Sydney in 1788. The fleet was commanded by Captain Arthur Phillip and back then Australia Day was known as Anniversary Day. In 1994 Australia Day became an annual public holiday. Right around the country and around the world you […]


Chinese New Year - Year Of The Horse

Kick it into gear with Chinese New Year!

The celebrations start right here, Let’s light the lantern and begin to cheer, With festivals, music, dancing and food, It’s sure to put you in the mood, Fireworks soar and light up the sky, As the dancing dragon passes on by, Make a wish and make it clear, Tradition is alive with Chinese New Year! […]


Work doesn’t JUST have to be about business

When you think of socialising at work, many people think of slackers chatting at the printer station or discussing office gossip over a coffee break. However socialising in businesses today has become a positive aspect to all businesses and colleagues. Studies have found that 63% of employees found that productivity improves if their friends with […]


What motivates you?

Motivation is the difference between waking up before the dreaded beep of your alarm and lazing around the house in pyjamas all day long. It controls our desire to achieve our dreams and goals. In saying this, it’s one of the foremost topics in getting students to participate effectively in school. Some children run through […]


St Patricks Day

Paint the town green without restraint cause here comes St Patrick the Patron Saint!

St Patrick’s Day is here again, So gather round with all your friends, There’s music, laughter and Guinness too, With a Pot o’ Gold beyond a rainbow’s view The Leprechauns are all being cheeky, Those cute little guys can really be sneaky, The colour of choice is a nice shade of green, So wear it […]